Batibouw: Heaven for the (re-)builder, but also for people, curious like me, also known as "future architects".

This year too, the construction fair was a success. From kitchens with new technology such as coffee serving faucets, new designer bathrooms with waterfalls generating nozzles that let you bathe in a jungle of rest to the latest and slimmest bricks ever. Batibouw met the expectations abundantly as each hall had even more novelties and surprises than the previous one. To make a selection out of the multitude of halls and exposition stands and contests and promotions, batibouw introduced targeted routes, such as the design route, eco route or innovation route. This concept enables a functional and stressless visit to batibouw.

My visit included the department of windows, insulation and energy. To satisfy the designer in me, I finished the day with a brief look at the new bathing designs and cladding innovations. Although I left in the morning with a handful of business cards and tons of energy, by the end of the day, these were unmercifully exchanged for tons of information booklets and only a handful of energy left. Yet batibouw was definitely a must when I think of the connections made, the information gathered and the weeks of fascinating lecture ahead of me !