Emergency Housing_2013

For my graduation project, which I finished in Japan, I developped a system for emergency housing. The aim is to create - quick and easy - temporary communities, where people can recover together from disastrous events. Plywood pannels will be transported in containers and cut on site with a lasercutter in easy-to-assemble construction elements. The containers will be used as common space. Both the containers and units can be re-used and easily shipped to other places.

Urban Nomad_2013

When designing future cities, one has to consider the future way of living. This project furnishes a lifestyle as urban nomads or "homo mobilis", where people like to be flexible and movable all the time. A personal unit for office workers makes it possible to move within a certain area and detach and attach with other workers or with larger infrastructure units such as shops, technical services, resto, ...


The assignment for a competition for the Biennale of Venice in 2012, was to design a masterplan for the city of Maribor. When looking to the future of cities, keeping in mind all traffic and transporting possibilities, we decided to work on the concept 'shifting boundaries'. Experimenting with scale, districts, moving and erasing boundaries, resulted in an interesting development of layers and intersticies of the built environment.


In-between spaces or waste-spaces. Places in the build environment that are, because of its disadventages, no longer used. These spaces are a real challenge for the architect and were in this case used for a rehabilitation center.


This design focuses on arriving and leaving, and espacially the time in between when one has to wait for the transportation to arrive. A new stop in the tourist routes is included next to the 'Vooruit'. To bridge the height difference and to make the waiting time more enjoyable, a long pier is designed and a relaxing bar. As one of the first designs in university, this project is drawn by hand.